Dinkich Wooden Step Stool, Multifunction 2 Steps Wood Ladder Sitting Seat, Wooden Footstool Furniture

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  • we designed a special Wooden 2 Step Stool to help you guys and make your life become easier, better.
  • Wooden Furniture – Real wooden texture craftsmanship; premium high quality new modern antique vintage furniture; classic easily fit with any decorating style; solid and firm construction yet lightweight and portable; non slip feet
  • Rustic Wooden Step Stool, Multifunction 2 Steps Wood Ladder Sitting Seat, Wooden Footstool Furniture
  •  Bathroom: It fits perfectly under the bathroom vanity! You could use it for our little one to climb up to the bathroom sink and wash hands, etc
  •  Bedroom: You could use it for your kid’s low loft bed because sometimes the ladder is too small and thin and it hurts their feet.
  • Kitchen: You can use it when putting dishes away in the top cabinets and don't worry about falling down.
  • Start time: 2021-06-15